The purpose of the Green Honors Chair program is to bring distinguished scholars, scientists, writers and other career persons to the TCU campus for short visits.  The distinguished visitor should provide new ideas and stimulation for faculty and students alike while at the same time, nurturing "town and gown" relations with the community.  The Chairs will be divided into three groups:


   Basic Departmental Chairs (15)

   Non-departmental Chairs (2)

   Premier Chairs (4)




Basic Departmental and Non-departmental Chairs


1.    Due to Green Honors chair funding provisions:

a.       Basic Departmental Chairs - each school/department (with the exception of Brite Divinity School and the Religion Department) is eligible for consideration for a Green Honors Chair appointment once every three years. 

b.      Interdisciplinary Chairs – certain interdisciplinary units will be considered as interdisciplinary chairs.  These units shall apply through the Provost’s Office.

c.       Because of budget limitations not all eligible units will be awarded funding for a Green Honors Chair appointment.  Those eligible units not awarded a Green Honors Chair appointment will be allowed to resubmit their nomination the next year.  If unsuccessful on the subsequent attempt, the school/department will next be eligible for a nomination as per the regular three-year schedule.  A copy of the three-year schedule is available in the Academic Affairs Administrative Handbook http://www.provost.tcu.edu/AcademicAffairsAdministrativeHandbook/TOC_.htm .


2.        At least one year prior to an academic unit's eligibility for a Green Honors Chair appointment, the unit should begin the process of identifying distinguished individuals who would meet the program's purposes and who might be receptive to our invitation. 


3.        A current, detailed resume for each individual should be procured as soon as possible.  If a resume is not available, the unit is expected to assemble materials that will address the qualifications of each individual to be considered.


4.        The nomination(s), including the proposed duration of each individual's visit, the honorarium requested, and the accompanying resume, should be submitted to the dean as soon as possible.  The dean will review the nomination(s), deleting any that are not consistent with the purpose of the Green Honors Chair program, and forward the nomination(s) to the Provost for consideration.  The nomination must be submitted to the Provost by July 1.  If a unit does not meet this deadline, the opportunity to nominate for the upcoming academic year may be reassigned to another department or program.


5.        The Provost will review all Green Honors Chair recommendations.  The Provost will issue formal invitations to the nominees as approved.




1.        Green Honors Chair holders are expected to be distinguished and most often nationally known scholars, scientists, writers and other career persons.


2.        The length of an individual's visit to campus will usually not be less than two days and may be up to one semester.  In most cases, however, individuals distinguished enough to merit an invitation probably will not be available for an appointment as long as a semester.


3.        While on campus, a Green Honors Chair holder is expected to perform customary functions (i.e., meet with departmental faculty members and students, conduct departmental seminars, etc.).  Hopefully, the individual will be scheduled for additional activities such as: a lecture open to off-campus professionals, participation in a "Faculty Colloquium," meeting with faculty from other units who have related research interests as well as University administrators, and other professional endeavors consistent with the purpose of this program.



Premier Chairs


These Chairs will be “circulated” among the academic Deans and Provost – each of whom will be eligible to nominate every year.  By design these chairs will be high profile with an appeal to the Fort Worth Community.  It is anticipated that many of these individuals will have an interdisciplinary story to tell.  Each selection will require approval by the Provost. 

Premier Chairs Expectations:

Premier Green Honors Chair holders are expected to be distinguished, internationally respected individuals who can inspire and inform an eclectic academic community audience.

The length of an individual’s visit to campus will usually not be less than two days and may involve a program of contacts with a spectrum of interested parties, rather than a single speaking event.




1.        Green Honors Chair holders may be offered an honorarium of up to a maximum of $6,000 for a multi-day (week) visit for the Basic Departmental Chairs and the Interdisciplinary Chairs, $40,000 for a Premium Chair.  Deans and/or the Provost will be responsible for working with eligible units in determining the appropriate honorarium and length of visit for a potential Green Chair holder prior to an initial contact with that individual.


2.        Green Honors Chair holders will be provided reimbursement for travel expenses (first-class airfare may be offered with prior permission) to and from campus.  A condominium or hotel accommodation will be provided by the University during their visit.  The Office of the Provost will provide guidance to the respective unit concerning reimbursement for travel, lodging, meals, and entertainment/miscellaneous expenses for Green Honors Chair holders.


3.        Host schools/departments will be allocated $1,000 for entertainment and miscellaneous expenses for a Green Honors Chair holder.


                                                                                                                   PROVOST - Revised 3/08