TCU: Academic Affairs Administrative Handbook 2017-18


Table of Contents







       Five-Year Academic Calendar         




Faculty Criteria

Excerpt from SACS Criteria for Accreditation

Position Statement/Minority Faculty Recruitment

Policy for Evaluation of Degree Credentials from Non-U.S. Institutions

Procedures and Standards for Distance Learning and Web Enhanced Courses

Hiring Handbook for Faculty & Staff


Faculty Appointments


Background Check Procedure for TCU Appointments

Justification form

Faculty Titles


Full-Time Appointments


Search Procedures for Full-Time Faculty Positions

Faculty Search Authorization Form


Part-Time Appointments


Search Procedures for Part-Time Faculty Positions

Guidelines for (Re)Appointment of Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Guidelines for (Re)Appointment of Non-teaching Adjunct Faculty


Academic Program Review Guidelines  

Academic Support Program Guidelines

Checklist for outgoing Faculty/Staff

Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar

Deans' Teaching Award Guidelines

Deans' Research and Creativity Award

Faculty Annual Report Format

Green Honors Chair Guidelines

Green Honors Chair Schedule (3 year)

Green Honors Chair Departmental Instructions

Graduate Council Operating Procedures

Guidelines for Faculty/Exempt Staff Personnel File Management

Guidelines for Recognizing Centers of  Excellence

TCU Sponsored Activities Away From Campus

TCU Vita Format

Undergraduate Council/Procedures & Course Proposal


Tenure and Promotion


Tenure and Promotion Calendar and Procedures

Tenure and Promotion - Preparation of Recommendations

Retention of Tenure and Promotion Materials Policy




Compensation Policy for Summer Teaching

Compensation Policy for Summer Courses Abroad

Instructional Equipment Policy

Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures

University Contributions to Retirement on Additional Pay Policy

Professor of Professional Practice Policy

Faculty 12/12 Vacation Policy

Policy for International Agreements



Miscellaneous Forms


Procedure for Visiting Scholars

Request form for Visiting Scholars

Request for DS-2019 Form (Exchange Visitor (J-1) Program)


For Your Information


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